The Platform Securities Offering 

Platform Securities Front Office

Our Front Office system provides a flexible, user-configurable interface for portfolio and client enquiries combined with a fully integrated order management system designed to meet the needs of wealth managers, stockbrokers and fund managers.

Key features include:

  • Portfolio Management – portfolio modelling (including model of models), rebalancing and switching, risk monitoring, portfolio analysis and CGT What-if?.  All fully-integrated, all real-time
  • Order creation / entry / routing – Input, deal and track orders
  • Automated dealing / automated execution - Best execution over multiple RSPs, limit order processing
  • Corporate Actions – Track all actions and generate appropriate documentation; communications to clients about forthcoming events; and reflection of client choice in optional events
  • Full-branded internet site - Consolidated view of client assets via web interface, easily configurable vanilla web site, account enquiry, news and charts, online dealing
  • Real-time access - Real-time view of trade status
  • Client inception – With workflow; allows new clients to be set up
  • Comprehensive Enquiries – Access to client information and detailed “Know Your Client” functions

Platform Securities Back Office

Our Back Office system combines deep functionality and proven scalability to ensure true STP capability. Full automation and reconciliation ensure that your business achieves optimum operational efficiency.

Key features include:

  • Client reporting - fully-branded suite of client reports including contract notes, statements and valuations, CTCs and CGT reports.  All available to be delivered in hard copy, or electronically via a secure message function.
  • Flexible account structure – family linking and account linking allows models to be rebalanced across multiple accounts for optimum tax efficiency
  • Accounts - Comprehensive accounting system, including automated bank reconciliation and CREST cash reconciliation
  • CREST – Configuration of CREST member and accounts structure, full automation and reconciliation, CREST messaging
  • Nominees – Automated stock and cash, exception reporting, corporate actions and dividends functionality
  • Contracts – Configuration of default contract data, commission set-up; stock set-up, printing of contract documentation
  • Stock & cash reconciliations – Reconciles stock holdings
  • ISAs – ISA configuration, application, subscription, deposit interest, regulations and transfers.  Platform Securities are an authorised manager, or can act as administrator preparing all relevant reports
  • Corporate actions – Including pooled distribution management with full reconciliation; fully integrated with CREST to provide automated reconciliation to Registrar transactions and claim

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