Fund Managers 

Platform Securities offers fund managers outsourced services that comprise a fully integrated platform to support the activities of front, middle and back office operations in a true STP environment. Platform Securities supports a wide fund universe and has relationships with the major Fund Supermarkets as well as direct relationships with transfer agents, both onshore and offshore, can handle multi-products, including ISAs.

Solutions from Platform Securities leverage our platform and the Front Office functionality supports the whole portfolio management and dealing process. Functionality includes order management, client account enquiries, client relationship management, asset allocation valuations, CGT analysis and performance measurement.

The client inception process uses pre-defined configurable templates and supports multiple accounts to represent different types of portfolios, such as: main trading account and ISA account. The accounts are generally managed independently of each other.

Clients have access to a secure web portal to deliver online valuations and market data to the underlying clients and their advisers.

Platform Securities can provide UK custody and international custody covering listed securities in over 90 international markets and can provide custody even if dealt away from Platform Securities.

CREST sponsored membership

Platform Securities is a registered CREST sponsor and provides clients with a CREST sponsored membership service.

Agency dealing

  • Quoted securities in the UK and all major international markets
  • Online broker research from major securities houses
  • Foreign exchange

Collective investment funds

  • Dealing, settlement and custody of 1600 funds
  • Covering UK & offshore collective investment funds
  • Direct relationships with 80 UK fund providers and 100 offshore
  • Contractual settlement for over 1100 funds

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