Whether you are a start-up or looking to save on existing IT costs, our ASP solution offers you a way to gain all the benefits of using our market-leading system while retaining full control of your back office functions.

Our main processor is an IBM iSeries power 6 hosted in our own data centre. All our clients benefit from:

  • Full data replication, including encrypted offsite data storage facilities
  • One live and two or more test environments
  • 24x7 system monitoring and alerting
  • Full network and system redundancy
  • A choice of network connectivity

We fully test our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities at least once a year, including making our back-up facilities accessible by our clients to allow them to test their own procedures.

Under an ASP service, we also assume responsibility for the delivery and maintenance of software. That means you can have the peace of mind of knowing you have a single supplier, which means in turn there is a single responsibility for ensuring any issues are resolved immediately.

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