CRR SYSC Board Disclosure 

The Board

The Board is the principal decision-maker for the Company and is accountable for the implementation of governance arrangements that ensure effective and prudent management of the firm. The Board:

  • has overall responsibility for management of the firm
  • approves and oversees implementation of the firm's strategic objectives, risk strategy and internal governance arrangements
  • has responsibility for providing effective oversight of senior management
  • monitors and periodically assesses the effectiveness of the firm's governance arrangements and takes appropriate steps to address any deficiencies.

The roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer are held by different individuals.

The Board is structured such that the directors bring to the Company a balance of skills, knowledge and experience to understand the activities of the firm. The directors reflect an adequately broad range of experiences and are required to commit sufficient time to perform their functions. Induction and ongoing training is provided to all directors. Board members do not hold more directorships than is appropriate taking into consideration FCA requirements in this area.

The Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is appointed by the Board to assist:

  • identifying, and recommending for approval, candidates to fill Board or Board Committee vacancies, having evaluated the balance of knowledge, skills, diversity and experience of the Board
  • periodically and at least annually assessing the structure, size, composition, performance and effectiveness of the Board and Committees
  • assessing the knowledge, skills and experience of individual members of the Board, and reporting this to the Board
  • preparing descriptions of roles and capabilities for a particular appointment and assessing the time commitment required.

Platform Securities seeks to ensure that no discrimination occurs in the recruitment or employment of staff, including members of the Board.

Disclosure – SYSC 4.3A.11                                                                                                           

Platform Securities LLP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a significant IFPRU CRR Firm. FCA Rule SYSC 4.3A.11 R in the Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls sourcebook (SYSC) requires that a firm must explain on its website how they comply with the requirements of  SYSC 4.3A.1 R to SYSC 4.3A.3 R and SYSC 4.3A.4 R to SYSC 4.3A.11 R. The disclosure above is intended to meet the requirements of these rules.